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Simplified Tax & Accounting | Complete BnB STR Management

Simplifying tax remittance for STR management

Simplified Owner Experience with Complete Tax Management

Complete BnB strives to simplify the complex aspects of short-term rental taxes and accounting for property owners. We manage and remit all taxes on behalf of the property, and handle bill payments to ensure that your end-of-month accounting consists of a single line item - your income. We are dedicated to making property management as hassle-free as possible for you.

Clear and detailed monthly reporting for STR

Trustworthy Reporting Simplified

We provide detailed monthly reporting for all our managed properties. In our endeavor to eliminate grey areas, we cover the costs of linens, towels, and expendables within our management fee. No more questioning whether we bought toilet paper for the third time in a month. We build relationships based on trust, and we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to trust us.

Regular monthly payouts for STR owners

Timely and Convenient Payouts

Our payouts are made once a month for any reservation that ended on or before the last day of the previous month and for which we have received payment (holiday periods may cause slight variations). Your payment is delivered via ACH or check, accompanied by a detailed statement. We can and will make your experience as easy as collecting a check, at no extra charge. We don't believe in nickel and diming owners.

Competitive pricing for STR management

Industry-leading Pricing for Success

We offer our comprehensive services at industry-leading prices because we want you to succeed. Our goal isn't to extract as much money for our services as possible; rather, it's to help you grow. As a management company founded on investing by an investor, we understand the risks involved in property investment. We believe you are shouldering the majority of these risks, and we reflect that understanding in our fees. We are a different kind of management, designed to help you and your investments flourish.

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