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Ensuring Security | Complete BnB STR Management

Security devices for STR property monitoring

Ensuring Security with Noise Monitoring and No-Nonsense Policies

At Complete BnB, we are committed to ensuring the safety of your property. Our strategic security measures include noise monitors that measure decibels without recording, offering both security and privacy. Our outdoor cameras provide real-time surveillance, allowing us to have a constant watch over the property. We take a strict stand against any breaches of property etiquette, enforcing guest limits and a stringent no-party policy. Our no-nonsense approach helps prevent issues before they start, safeguarding your investment and ensuring the comfort of all guests.

Guest screening and insurance for STR

Rigorous Guest Screening and Insurance

To further ensure security, Complete BnB conducts comprehensive guest screenings through our guest app after booking but prior to sharing any reservation details. This must be completed within 24 hours of booking, offering no refunds for failing the screening prior to arrival. Guests are required to sign a booking contract, similar to a hotel, and pay for insurance against property damage. The level of insurance coverage will depend on the property, ensuring we offer a tailored approach to secure your investment.

Protection measures against problematic STR guests

Protecting Against Bad Guests and Ensuring Fair Dispute Resolution

We protect your investment against the negative influence of a refund-seeking subculture, created by some platforms' tendency to offer quick refunds. We utilize photos from our cleanings, safety and smart home features, and recorded phone lines to provide evidence in any dispute. While genuine issues are addressed appropriately, we do not enable the refund-seeking behavior, ensuring your investment is safeguarded.

Safety measures for STR guests and properties

Prioritizing Safety of Property and Guests

The only thing that matters more to us than the safety of your property is the safety of your guests. As an investor-first, management-second company, we employ strategies to root out bad guests and stop problems before they start. When issues arise, we handle them swiftly and with years of experience backing us. We've earned the trust of property owners through our responsible, owner-first management policies, and we won't jeopardize that trust by giving away your money just to protect our company's reviews. With Complete BnB, your property and guests are in safe and trustworthy hands.

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