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Owner’s Expectations | Complete BnB STR Management

Owner-oriented STR management

Management by an Owner

At Complete BnB, our management approach is grounded in our experience as property owners. We understand the inherent risks involved in investments and aim to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest cost to maximize your success. We're here to support you as you shoulder the risk and reap the rewards of your investment.

Transparency in STR management

Unparalleled Transparency

We firmly believe in the importance of transparency in all our interactions. That's why we cover expendables, towels, and linens under our management fee and ensure that our accounting is simple and straightforward. We don't want you to be left questioning a confusing statement filled with random one-off charges. We aim to build relationships based on trust and transparency in everything we do.

Full-service STR management

Full-Service Management

Despite offering services at a lower cost than many partial-service companies, Complete BnB provides a complete, comprehensive service package. We take care of lining up any required maintenance or services at no additional markup. While these services come at the owner's expense, we manage them end-to-end, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency in every task.

Successful STR management

Our Services Sell Themselves

We don't need to constantly sell our services because they sell themselves. We are committed to showing you that in our case, "too good to be true" is indeed true. We do what we promise and deliver tangible results. We prefer to spend our time showing you how great our services are rather than just talking about them.

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