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  • But only a local property manager can effectively manage properties?

    We understand the appeal of having a local property manager to oversee your vacation rental. However, we also believe that advances in technology have made it possible to manage a short-term rental property from anywhere in the world. Here is why we believe that a local property manager is not needed to run a short-term rental:

    1. Online booking platforms: The rise of online booking platforms has made it easier than ever to list vacation rentals, manage bookings, and communicate with guests. These platforms often provide a range of tools and services that allow properties to be managed remotely, such as automated messaging and payment processing.

    2. Smart Home Technology: The increasing availability of smart home technology means that managers can monitor and control their properties remotely. For example, smart locks can be used to grant access to guests, while security cameras can provide live video feeds that can be viewed from anywhere.

    3. Virtual Property Inspections: With video conferencing and other remote communication tools, managers can conduct virtual property inspections to ensure that their properties are in good condition and that guests have been following the rules.

    4. Local Service Providers: For every necessary task local service providers can be hired, such as cleaning and maintenance companies to clean after guests and to take care of any issues at a property. These providers can be managed remotely, and managers can communicate using online tools such as messaging and video calls.

    5. Cost Savings: By managing properties remotely, owners are able to save money on the cost of hiring a local property manager. This will make you more profitable, especially for owners with multiple properties.

    At Complete BnB, we believe that anything that can be done by a local property manager can also be done remotely through technology. We are committed to providing high-quality management services that allow your property to be managed from anywhere in the world, with no need for a local property manager. Our proof is in our success, and the increased success of the owners and investors that we work with.

  • How can you offer prices so low and still have high-quality service?

    One of the reasons our company was started was because our founder saw that economies of scale could make a lot of higher end services cost effective for his own properties. Our goal is to save money, and to pass those savings on to owners so they can be

    1. Centralized Operations: By managing properties remotely, we can centralize our operations, reducing the need for physical offices and staff in each location. This allows us to reduce our overhead and pass on those savings to owners.

    2. Technology: We are able to leverage technology to manage properties more efficiently. This can include automating tasks like cleaning scheduling, maintenance requests, and guest communications. By automating these processes, we are able to reduce staff workload and provide a high level of service to owners at lower costs.

    3. Purchasing Power: By managing a high number of properties, we are able to negotiate pricing with software and service providers. This allows us to access discounts that are not available to individual property owners or small local management companies. These savings are passed on to owners, reducing costs while still receiving high-quality services.

    4. Outsourcing: By outsourcing certain tasks to third-party service providers, such as cleaning and maintenance companies. By outsourcing these tasks we reduce overhead costs and focus on providing high-quality services for our owners.

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