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STR Hosting Services

Marketing & Revenue Management

Our multi-platform booking service is perfect for property owners and investors who want to take the hassle out of STR hosting and increase their rental income. By listing your property on multiple platforms, you will increase your chances of getting more bookings and maximizing your rental income. Our experienced team will monitor your bookings and manage your calendar to ensure that your property is always available and priced competitively. Maximizing your rental income is a top priority, which is why we offer a professional revenue maximization service that is designed to help you get the most out of your short term rental. Our revenue maximization service is based on a proven strategy that leverages advanced analytics and market insights to optimize your pricing and increase your bookings. We’ll analyze your property’s performance and compare it to similar properties in your area, taking into account factors such as seasonality, demand, and availability.

Smart Technology & Security

Our team of experts use the best smart technology to simplify the short term rental process as well as optimizing the guest experience. We use advanced automation tools to streamline everything from bookings and reservations to check-ins and check-outs, saving time and improving efficiency for property owners and guests alike. This approach benefits both the property owner and the guests. Property owners benefit from the improved efficiency and reduced operational costs generated by the smart technology approach, while guests benefit from the enhanced guest experience and customized recommendations. We also leverage advanced technology like noise and occupancy monitors as well as exterior cameras to protect the property and prevent unruly guests and parties before they start. Our noise and occupancy monitoring system allows us to detect and respond to noise disturbances and excessive guests in real time, helping to prevent noise complaints and disruptions for both guests and neighbors. We also use exterior cameras to monitor the property, which allow us to detect and address any potential safety or security issues before they become a problem.

Guest Experience

From the moment a guest books a short term rental with us, we are committed to providing clear and effective communication throughout the entire process. We use a range of communication channels, including email, phone, and messaging apps, to provide guests with information they need to have a smooth and stress-free rental experience. Our communication strategy includes providing detailed property listings with high-quality photos and descriptions, responding promptly to guest inquiries and requests, and providing clear and concise check-in and check-out instructions. We also use automated messaging to enhance the guests experience and ensure that guests feel comfortable and informed during their stay. Button: Guest Experience

Start Up Costs and Owner Expectations

We're committed to offering industry-leading prices and services. We understand that managing a short-term rental property can be costly, and we want to provide our clients with the best possible value for their investment.That's why we offer industry-leading pricing, and a range of services designed to meet the needs of short-term rental properties. We believe that by setting clear owner expectations and providing simple and transparent accounting, we can help our clients feel confident in their short-term rental property. We also provide our clients with access to our online portal, where they can view their financial statements and accounting reports at any time. This allows our clients to stay up-to-date on their rental property's financials, without having to spend time managing them themselves.


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