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Noise, Occupancy, and Camera Monitoring

Our noise monitoring technology uses advanced sensors to detect noise levels and alert us when they exceed a certain threshold. This allows us to take action to prevent disturbances before they become a problem, helping to protect the property and ensure that all guests have a peaceful and enjoyable stay. In addition, our exterior cameras provide an additional layer of security to protect the property from unwanted guests or criminal activity. Our cameras are strategically placed to provide comprehensive coverage of the property, allowing us to monitor activity and take action as needed to prevent security breaches or other issues. Other than the purchase of the cameras, we provide these services at no additional cost to you.

Party and Event Prevention

These technologies help us to protect the property, reduce wear and tear, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. By preventing unruly guests and parties before they start, we are able to maintain the property’s reputation and keep it in good standing with both the neighbors and the city. These technologies also serve as a deterrent for potential thieves and vandals. We only operate our properties in accordance with any laws that regulate them in a given area.

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