All Expendable Items

We cover all expendable items. This would include things like toilet paper, shampoo, coffee and all the accutriments that accompany it, as well as sheets and towels. This keeps our accounting simple and allows us to operate as efficently as possible for you.

All Software Costs

We provide immense value through software, and we do not pass any of those costs on to you. Ulike other companies, we have built our software platform to scale, so we can grow with you without dipping into your pockets to make our business better.

All Marketing Costs

Between all our booking channels, our direct booking website, and our beand identity we provide significant value through all of our marketing of your properties. Again this is not a cost we pass on to you.

10% of your Rental Revenue is all we Charge

We only charge a flat 10% on actual rental revenue, meaning we are not charging our fee against housekeeping costs or additional services provided. Simplified accounting provides transparency, and allows us to operate at the efficency levels that make it possible to provide so many services for such a low price. Our combination of quality and cost cannot be matched anywhere. Please click the button below to get in touch with us and let us show you how we can work together to maximize your bottom line.