Why Securtity Matters

As short term rentals take hold in many cities there is a rush to regulate operations and in some cases an them. Some instances causeing bad publicity for vacation rental property is entirely preventable through proper moitoring and technology. Some property managers don’t understand what thye need, some don’t know how to use it, and others simply don’t want to spend the money. We believe the only thing of greater importance than the safety of your property is the saftey of your guests, and as such we have implemented some of the best possible solutions to prevent parties and disturbances, the main causes your guests or your property could end up in harms way.

Noise Monitoring

We employ top tier, tamper proof noise monitoring solutions so that when your guests get too loud they are given an automated warning, but if violations continue we do take measures to remove the guests from the properties. This both promotes the safety of your property, but helps neighbors and HOAs feel more secure about using your properties as short term rentals.

Camera Monitoring

Anywhere it is alowed we place exterior cameras on all doors to your property. By doing this and combining it with the noise monitoring technology we aim to prevent all potential for the misuse of your properties and to maintain the safety of your guest.

Smart Locks

Smart locks, along with the technology we use to emply them, allow us the ability to monitor, create and remove access, and remotely lock and unlock your doors. Every guest recieves their own unique code that works only for the duration of their stay. The state of the lock, as well as who can use it is constantly monitored and logged, providng another layer of security we bring to your property.

We are the solution that can put your neighbors fears at Ease

By incorporating these security measures into all of your propertis we not only create a brand that guests can trust, but also a business that neighbors and associations charged with maintaing the areas your properties are in can rest assured we will be taking care of the saftey and security that instils fear about short term and vacation rentals.