Manhattan, KS

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Short-Term Rental Management In Manhattan, KS

Make the most out of your investment properties with Complete BnB. We provide short-term rental management and vacation home management in the Manhattan, KS, area for investors and property owners. Our team can take care of all the tasks that go into managing your rental.

What We Do

As a leader among vacation home rental agencies, we strive to deliver wonderful guest experiences as well as provide investors with maximum profitability. The following are some of the services we can offer you along with our short-term rental property management software:

  • Amenities: Renters enjoy many conveniences with their rental. For example, our Guest Connect web app enables renters to use one-click GPS, set temperatures on the thermostat, unlock and lock doors, and What’s more, we utilize smart technology so that check-in and check-out are automated and contact free.
  • Marketing: Our goal is to get your rental property in front of as many individuals as possible. We do this by listing it on trip planner sites.
  • Dynamic Pricing: If you’re worried about cost, there’s good news. We can help you get the best rates with our dynamic pricing tool.

Why Choose Us for Airbnb Management Service?

Our Airbnb management company was built by an investor and designed for the investor. As a result, we know the ins and outs of the property management process, and we want to protect and enhance your assets.

Moreover, no other business compares to the value and price we offer: For just a 10% flat fee, we’ll handle the needs of your rental, keep you ahead of the competition, and expand your marketing reach. Best of all, we include our software, overhead, and expendables into our fee. When you choose us for management services, rest assured that you’ll receive a great experience.