Arizona is home to Phoenix, one of the nations largest cities as well as some absolutely breathtaking landscapes and natural phenomenon such as the Grand Canyon. Either seeing the sites, visiting friends, or just getting away from the cold winter weather, Arizona has a little bit of everything for the vacation traveler.

Great Vacation Rental Cities in Arizona

Arizona STR State Level Regulations

As of June 2,2021 – Pursuant to A>R>S 33-1901 and 1902 all rental properties must be registered with the local county assessor and failure to do so by the owner may impose a civil penalty in the amount of $150 per day after the day the day of the most recent Notice of Violation.

No real estate license is required to manage rental property owned by you, your LLC, or Corporation. After some debate and confusion, the Arizona Department of Real Estate confirmed its position that based on A.R.S. 32-21221(a)(15) that a real estate license is not required for “A person who, on behalf of another, solicits, arranges, or accepts reservations or money, or both, for occupancies of thirty-one or fewer days in a dwelling unit in a common interest development.” Meaning that a real estate license is not required for the management of most short term rental requirements.

Best practice also require a property manager to use a comprehensive, written, property management agreement for every short-term rental arrangement with the owner, as well as a written short-term rental agreement to govern the relationship between the guests and the owner/property manager. Short-term rental agreements should limit the duration of the stay to thirty (30) days or less, making sure that the rental is regulated by Arizona’s Inn Keeper Statutes and not the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act.

Arizona Short Term Rental Taxes and Fees

The state of Arizona charges an Arizona Transaction Priveledge Tax of 5.5% of the listing price including any cleaning fee for reservations of 29 nights or shorter. For more information visit the Arizona Department of Revenue Transaction Privilege Tax website.