Planning a trip? Why not skip the cramped hotel room? Vacation rentals offer all the comforts of home in a new location — giving you access to more space, better amenities and more privacy.

Complete BnB makes it easy to book vacation homes or temporary housing when you’re looking for a short-term place to stay. Shop our site to find a vacation rental that feels like home to you, and book directly with us online — no hidden charges or hassles!

What Is Direct Booking?

Any time you’re looking for temporary lodging, choosing to book direct vacation rentals is the more luxurious, less expensive way to go. Vacation homes can cost less than a hotel while still providing more conveniences — from a higher level of privacy to a well-stocked kitchen where you can make meals with your crew.

There are units in different neighborhoods, featuring various amenities, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Best of all, by booking direct, you cut out the extra booking fees or hidden charges that are common with third-party rental sites; instead, you get to make your reservation directly with the rental’s owner or manager.

The Benefits of Direct Booking

One of the biggest benefits of booking vacation rentals directly is cost savings. If the property owner or investor is renting to you directly, there’s no need for a third party to add additional fees or stipulations. This means you get the best cost and the property owner gets a good rental rate, too.

Book a Vacation House With Complete BnB

Start your vacation rental search at Complete BnB and you’ll enjoy a great experience from searching to checkout. Our rentals are equipped with smart home technology, so checking in and out is easy, automated and contact-free. We also have a Guest Connect app that provides one-click GPS to your rental, along with great information on local attractions, shopping and events. You can even control the thermostat and locks at your rental with just a few clicks!

How Our Direct Booking Platform Benefits Property Owners

Our service isn’t just great for renters; property owners and investors love it, too. That’s because we help you get your property in front of potential renters, so it stays booked. For just a 10% flat fee, you get marketing on more than 15 channels, along with various features. We offer dynamic pricing that adapts to low/high demand, as well as a mobile app that your guests can use to check in and out, manage locks, change the house temperature, and more. Our goal is to help you succeed as a property owner.

Here’s an overview of why it makes so much sense to work with us:

  • An attractive way to encourage repeat business from past guests
  • Additional marketing channels to promote your units
  • Property protection, as we collect security deposits and additional background information from guests

Ready to learn more about listing properties with Complete BnB? Contact us today for more info about our range of property management services!